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The Church
What Is It?

A book by Joseph, Apostle of Jesus Christ

The Church What Is It?

"...you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

Jesus only mentioned the word church twice in all of his teachings; do you suppose what we have today is what He intended?

Do we dare ask this question? I did and my findings are frightfully FREEING!


  • Have you left the Church Building?  Perhaps you are closer to the perfect will of God than you know.
  • Have you ever questioned things about the Church, the leadership or the money, only to be shamed for the thought?
  • Have you wondered why your favorite part of a service is having a latte' in the lobby?

Then this book; The Church What Is It? is for you!  Order today from Amazon.com


The Church What Is It?

Experience the journey as Joseph Thomas, a present day Apostle of Jesus Christ, unveils the mystery of the Church.

The Church What Is It?” is your End Time Survival Kit for the whole family. A process of over 30 years preserved in this journal for such a time as now.

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  • It is not enough to know what is WRONG!
  • Anyone, everyone can tell you what is WRONG with the Church.
  • The Church What Is It? will help you discover what is RIGHT!

Hey this clip is gettin pretty close!

What is the Church?

This video clip is not perfect but is a good "BRIDGE" and the closest presentation I have found so far discribing Jesus' Words in Matthew 16:18 "..I will build My Church..."

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